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Why Philips UV Purification Lamps?

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The quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe has a profound effect on our health and well-being. Households can purify their water by installing UV water purification systems. Air purifiers with UV air purification lamps can render germs that float through the air harmless.


Every government aims to provide its citizens with safe drinking water. UV water purification lamp systems can de-activate the microorganisms in water cost-effectively by avoiding or reducing the use of chlorine.


Hospital acquired infections affect around 10% of patients during their stay. There is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections are transmitted via the air. UV disinfection lamps deactivate microorganisms, contributing to a safer indoor working environment.


The air we breathe in at the office is often anything but clean. It is frequently re-circulated along with bacteria, viruses, pollen and toxic gases. By installing UV air purification lamp systems in in-duct air units, you can contribute to a healthier indoor environment.


Maritime traffic consumes enormous amounts of ballast water. Organisms are transported with this water, multiply and risk disrupting the natural ecosystem. The transfer of ballast water between the world's oceans has become an enormous environmental threat.


Until recently the only way to ‘clean’ water was by adding high doses of chlorine or other chemicals to it. All these have major disadvantages. UVC disinfection has none of these negative side effects and has major benefits over the traditional methods.


Fish pond owners are often troubled by phototrophic micro-organisms that appear as dense suspension. Seasonal effects may lead to massive growth. A Philips UV water purification lamp in combination with a filter can keep a 4.5K liter pond water clear.

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